Dynamic Content Features

Contact Information

Make “at the click of a button” a reality with our one-touch contact features, and sync up cross-platform content seamlessly.


Mobile Reservations

Pack your schedule without picking up the phone. Our Reservation feature lets customers select an appointment time and book through the app, cutting down on the back-and-forth.


Custom Appearance

Options, options, and more options. Give your app the personality it deserves with full control over layout, color scheme, and image design.


Real Estate Feature

An app redefines how you show your listings. Import property info and attract new buyers. They’ll be saying “keys, please” before you answer the door.


Newsfeed Stream

Pull the latest news stories & tweets with our keyword-driven News feature. Share the buzz about your business or highlight industry trends without digging around for content.


Custom Email Form

Make our features work for you. The adaptable Email Form helps you gather exactly what you need from users, with custom fields and reworkable content.


Business Information

The multi-functional Info feature is our resident chameleon. Design, revise, tack on, take off—it’s a structural do-it-all that lets you present whatever content in whatever way you’d like.


Locations Via Map View

Maps are essential in providing an easy way to find a location near them. With a convenient map view of top locations around you, your customers will never stray too far.


Event Listings

With turn-by-turn directions, in-app RSVPs, and comment capabilities, your event turnouts will be hitting all-time highs. Sorry, no virtual gift bags just yet.


Fan Wall Feature

You know your customers love you, so let them shout it from the rooftops (or, you know, through your app). Our Fan Wall is a forum for people to connect over their shared adoration for you and all that you do.


What impact will Dynamic Content have on my business?

Dynamic Content focuses on what you already know about your customers and applying it to create content that is personalized, as well as suitable images, headlines and well planned messages. As a result, customers will identify and relate to what you are offering and be persuaded to take action. That means they’re more likely to subscribe, buy, share, visit or give feedback for your business.

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