Engaging Multimedia Features

Podcast Feature

Sync up podcasts for in-app streaming. Users can listen on the go, even when they navigate outside the app.

  • Integrate recorded podcasts

Music Player Feature

Get people pressing play with our native Music feature. You’ll be going platinum in no time.

  • Integrate iTunes tracks & albums
  • Sell songs in-app
  • Allow comment & sharing options

Video Integration

No more double-posting. The hassle-free YouTube feature syncs your videos automatically, so your users can see the latest without leaving the app.

  • Integrate your channel seamlessly
  • Watch in landscape view

Email Photo Feature

Need a simple way to receive pictures from customers? With the Email Photo feature, submissions are sent directly to your inbox. Please, no selfies.

  • Collect customer photos
  • Remind users of their recent sends
  • Customize for any purpose

Native Image Gallery

Showing off is easy with the beautiful Gallery feature. Integrate your Flickr, Instagram, or Picasa albums, or create an exclusive in-app gallery.

  • Select from multiple display options
  • Add custom captions
  • Segment albums

How will Engaging Multimedia contribute to my app?

Summed up, engaging multimedia is a key element that will make them want to open your app over and over again throughout the day. With this, your customers can quickly share pictures of your products with you and their followers, and stream your content even if they close the app. This will also allow you to share the company’s videos, pictures, music and any other content with them in-app without having to share via link or having to double post. Share with them instantly and effortlessly.

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