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CleanLab is incredibly responsive, with a clean design

And it has some awesome features, unlimited colors, advanced theme options and so much more!


Loyalty Card Feature

Let’s be honest, stamp-cards are bound to get lost or misplaced sooner than later. Lighten wallets and help your customers always have their loyalty cards on hand, in their mobile app. Scan right from their screen and allow them to easily keep track of their points and view their purchase progress. At the same time, this will help your customers feel appreciated and valued.

  • Reward your existing customers
  • Motivate new customers
  • Customize stamp requirements
  • Tailor the layout to your needs

QR Coupons Feature

Get creative with coupon use through our scannable QR feature. Post a QR code at your business location to ramp up foot traffic, or on your business cards for an added tech touch.

  • Print & post wherever you want
  • Prevent abuse with scan limitations
  • Drive sales with easy redemption

GPS Coupons Feature

Build your repeat customer base by trading check-ins for discounts. With our GPS Coupon feature, users can accumulate points and unlock deals each time they return.

  • Set check-in parameters
  • Easily enable/disable deals
  • Encourage future visits

Why should I integrate a Loyalty Program with my app?

There’s no better feeling than being rewarded, especially when you’re doing things you’d do anyway! For example eating out, shopping for new clothes, receiving services, or trying something new. Make your existing customers feel valued by rewarding them for their business and in return, you’ll feel great because your sales will increase. It’s a win-win-win for your customers, your business and yourself.

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