Shopping Features

Food Ordering

Mobilize Your Meals
Place the power to order in your customer’s hands. Let them add, customize and review exactly what they’ve ordered with ease. Keep them satisfied with your food, service, and effortless mobile experience. See the direct return on this investment with higher sales and quick payments made in-app. Receive feedbacks, reviews, comments and become shareable right from your app!

  • Easily update menu items with photos & descriptions
  • Post pricing & availability
  • Accept payment in-app
  • Get instant feedback, comments and reviews

Mobile Shopping Cart

Sell to customers who are on the go!
Build your own marketplace or integrate your online store with this simple sales solution. Your customers will be delighted to be able to complete quick checkouts on the go. With an easier way to purchase in-app, customers will be more engaged which means more sales for your business!

  • Customize item photos & descriptions
  • Set delivery fees & tax rates
  • Manage your orders through the dash
  • Accept payment in-app

Why offer my customers Mobile Shopping?

Mobile shopping is accelerating! Consumers want quick, convenient and accessible ways to buy products or meals. Satisfying this need are Mobile Shopping apps designed for your specific business. Keep customers happy and keep them coming back for more! Offer them a variety of exclusive mobile app coupons for services or products that will encourage them to make purchases to instantly redeem their coupons. Likewise, this will invite them to visit your business and receive products and services with the ability to conveniently apply their exclusive coupons at the time of payment, right from their screen!

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